Monday, February 15, 2010

Why break the trend?

Wow- I have blogged almost everyday for a week. I feel like a professional blogger, except I don't get paid...oh, and very few people read my blog. Other than that I feel like a professional!

Remember that crazy busy weekend that I keep talking about? Well, our final event of the weekend was little miss Emmaelynn's birthday party. I can't believe that my twin brother and I have babies 3 weeks apart (pretty amazing considering that Chris and I had been trying for awhile and hadn't told anyone, and Brad and Alison weren't trying at all and found out the same week we told my parents), let alone that either one of them is 12 months old.

Here is miss Emma in her birthday outfit. Don't you love the skirt? I can't wait to have a girl.

From this vantage point they almost look like twins...

Eli had a blast at the party. In fact, he probably thought it was for him. He loved to help unwrap the presents and show Emma her new toys.

I took pictures for Alison on their new Nikon and Chris took these.

Eli playing with the tissue paper...

We got Emma this book about A&M because Brad and Alison love them. I almost wrote something dirty in the back of it, but I restrained myself.

We also got her this dress for Easter.

And now, for the best picture of all time. Seriously, folks, it doesn't get better than this:
This photo is entitled, The Boogie Monster.
Oh, my mom. This picture will haunt her forever...

Emma loving her cake...

The cake...

Mickey Mouse cookies...

This is the best shot that we could get of the two of them. This is after Emma's after-the cake bath,

We wish the best for little Emma and hope that she and Eli get to grow up close together.
I love that I saw my cousins all the time when I was younger and we still are close. Happy 1 year birthday, baby girl.