Monday, February 22, 2010

Birth Week!

Well, Tif gets to write on here often, so now it is my turn. This week starts the beginning of a little tradition we started called birthweek. Simply, it is a weeklong celebration of our birthdays. This Friday is Tif's birthday. Now, a gentleman never tells a lady's age. However, if you're really curious, you might want to ask her twin brother...he'll be turning 27 on Friday.

Usually, this blog is filled with stories about how wonderful our baby boy Eli is, or the new and exciting thing going on in our lives, or maybe even how wonderful I am. However true all of these may be (:D), it is now my turn to give you a little glimpse into what I call the "Awesomeness of Tif."

If you ever read this blog, it is easy to see how simply wonderful and amazing my wife is. That is just her blog-self. You should see this woman in action! To quote a favorite movie, "you'll go blind from sheer awesomeness!" (Panda - Kung Fu Panda) She doesn't even charge for her awesomeness.

No one could ever ask for a better wife and mother to their child. Tif gives non-stop to me, Eli, and the rest of our family; we have all been blessed beyond what we deserve.

This week, Tif, we celebrate you! Happy Birthweek to my Lovely Bride!!!

Please send Tif your birthday wishes via this blog, e-mail, or by phone (don't send her anything on Facebook! See February 16th's blog). Hope everyone is doing well and have a wonderful, blessed week!


Karissa said...

Happy Birthday Tiff!!!