Friday, March 12, 2010

14 months

I have to say, this might have been the best month with Eli yet. It was just so amazing this month; I felt like every time I turned around Eli was learning something new. It was so rewarding and fulfilling to see all of our hard work paying off.

I can really tell that he understands what I am saying. He will point to a banana, say "nana" and smile when I pick it up and give it to him. He takes the remote from the living room to the solar system in his room and points that he wants it to start (We thought that the solar system was broken, but our clever little boy showed us that the TV remote turned it on). When I ask him to get his ball from all his other toys, he will go across the room to get it. When we are reading his books, I point to a pair of shoes and ask him where they go, he will grab his feet. He knows where my nose is and where his nose is...the list grows every day. He was starting this all about a month and a half ago, but this month you can really tell that those connections are there and more consistent.

Last week we walked all around Walmart saying all of our words and saying "hi" to everyone we passed. My heart was overflowing! We walked passed the bananas and he pointed and said "nana". I was so proud of him. I need those moments to keep me focused while I am with him at home; it can seem that I am so useless and unimportant sometimes staying at home, but milestones like this help.

He has also started climbing on everything! It is a little nerve-racking, but I know it is all part of exploring and growing. He is so proud of himself when he gets up on whatever it is adorable!

The best moments right now are when he wants to read his books. We have a few paper books on a shelf in his room. When I ask him if he wants to read his books he gets a huge smile on his face, drops whatever he is doing at that moment, runs into his room and points up to that shelf. I get down his two favorites, let him pick one and go sit down. He brings the book to me with the biggest smile on is face and then tries to climb up in my lap...awww...I hope moments like these last a long time!

Here is a picture of what I found when I came around the corner one morning last week...he was so proud; I had to snap a picture before helping him down.