Tuesday, March 02, 2010

We meet at last!

I wish that we could rewind time and re-live this weekend over and over. It was so awesome.
A few weeks ago, Chris got an e-mail from Tom, a college friend that he went to Tech with, asking if we wanted to meet them in Lubbock for lunch.

When Chris told me I was so excited. I had never met Tom and Monica, but I have been reading about them for years on their website and we are friends on facebook.
It was so good to meet them in person. They really are just as awesome as I thought they would be and I am certain if Monica lived closer we would be great friends; we have a ton in common.

Tom and Monica have two beautiful girls. Here is Katie Lynn "bump'n" fists with Eli. He wasn't too sure what to think.

Eli was very curious about 6 month old baby Karyn. I wish we would have gotten more pictures of her. Baby girls make my heart flutter and she was adorable!

Me and Monica...

Tom, Katie Lynn, Chris and Eli...

There was a golf course next to where we had lunch, and Eli and Katie Lynn enjoyed the beautiful spring day.

Katie Lynn liked jumping off of the bricks...

Eli tried to copy her...

Monica and I had a great chat while the hubbies watched the kiddos...

Look at this little cutie! I can't believe that she is only a little over a year older than Eli...they grow so fast.

Baby girls might make my heart flutter, but this little boy makes my heart melt.
Seriously, I couldn't stop telling Chris how glad I was that we went to Lubbock and met Tom and Monica. It was a blast. Thank you Tom and Monica for inviting us to have lunch with you! We will have to see each other again soon!
The weather was perfect, so we headed downtown to shoot pictures of the little guy after our lunch. I will post those after they are edited.


Monica said...

We had ever so much fun!!! I wish we lived closer. Eli is such a cutie!! Cant wait to get together again.