Wednesday, March 17, 2010


No words can express how excited I was to have my OU gals come and visit. I have missed them so much and it was so fun to catch up! These girls were my rocks through grad school; in all but one of my classes one if not all of these ladies were there. I remember how we all bonded was over a 30 or 40...(it seemed like 100) page mid-term admin project. I remember sitting at our kitchen table with these ladies going over every last detail of that assignment and book-Until Proven Innocent. After that torture, I knew we would be friends for life- ha!

These ladies are not like me...they are all from huge cities...I am from the sticks. :D That is okay, I know they love me for it.
So, what did I take them to do? Well, we had to go spray paint some Cadillacs, of course!

We had a good time...

From left: Karen, me, Darcy & Jess

Chris even channeled his "inner-gansta"!

We couldn't leave the little man out!

When we got back to the house, Eli got to open birthday gifts that the gals brought down!

Eli is having a blast with all of his new toys! Thanks, ladies!

Saturday night we went out to show these Okies what real Mexican food taste like- well, Tex-Mex anyway. After a late night of Mexican Train, learning how to make gummy bears fat, and CatchPhrase, we headed to bed.

Then next morning, Chris, Eli and I took everyone to breakfast before they headed back home.

Thank you, ladies for coming to visit! I had a blast! It was so good to see you!


Karen said...

So much fun! I had such a great cultural experience, from the Cadillacs to the feet to the yummy queso and DJ Ramon! Thank you so much for a great weekend!