Monday, March 01, 2010

One of those weeks...

I am sure that we all have "one of those weeks"...last week was mine. Thank goodness it was birthweek or I don't think I could have pulled through. It was so nice to be able to look forward to a little surprise every day.
Anyway, Eli was teething something horrid and was incredibly needy. At first we thought he might have a stomach bug, but the two teeth that he was working on were very noticeable. He threw up Monday night twice all over Chris- poor guy! Wednesday he threw up in the nursery at church (thank goodness I had a change of clothes in the diaper bag for him.) and Thursday night he threw up twice while we were at dinner with my parents. Really, there is nothing more appetizing than the smell of throw up. He never acted sick or had a fever, so each time the episodes were a complete surprise.
It made for a really long week.

I did manage to finish the curtains that I was working on for our room though. They were super easy and the hardest part was trying to get them to hang right! This wasn't the exact look that we were going for, but I like it.

Here is a shot of the E man during his afternoon nap. I was checking on him and all I saw when I peeked through his door was his little foot in between the rails. That is the only opening in his crib. I had to get a picture.

Eli was happy to pose for me this morning in his new shorts that I made. Thanks, uncle Baff for letting us re-purpose your old shirt! It will get great use, I promise!

Sorry for the cruddy picture, it is off of my phone. I am pretty pleased with the shorts overall, especially being that it didn't take very long at all, it was my first try and I didn't have a pattern or anything. I wish that they were a tad bigger in the sides, but I will just cut that a little bigger next time.

This weekend was phenomenal and requires many different posts and tons of picture editing! Hopefully we can get those pics up soon!