Thursday, March 18, 2010

Done & Done

I have been working on a few projects recently.

First, here is Eli's Easter outfit that I made from a $2.00 shirt from Walmart and an old, donated shirt from Eli's uncle Baff.

It is really hard for me to spend $20.00 on an outfit for Eli...and many of the things I looked at were way over that amount. So, I got creative. I know that the time will come when we will have to buy him expensive clothes, but I am going to try to hold out for as long as I can. Really, he would only wear it once anyway, right?

He wanted to show off his new outfit and his stellar riding skills.

Really, it wasn't that hard. I only know a tiny bit about sewing and it didn't take me long to do at all...maybe 15 min for the top and an hour for the shorts. I sure hope that it is sunny outside for Easter! :)

This weekend we are making a trip over to Norman. I am so excited. My parents are going to see Mel Tillis in concert and Chris and I got a shower invitation for the same weekend- so, of course we had to go!

I decided that this was a special occasion. The shower is for my old band director and his wife; they are expecting twin boys in June! How awesome is that...well, I think it is awesome because I am a twin! :D

Anyway, I decided to pull out the big guns and make them a diaper cake. It was so fun and easier than the last one that I made. Click here to see it! Funny, both of the mommies-to-be are named Jacey...or Jace, either way it is still funny.

 Matt and Jace are decorating the room with a little builder theme, so I stuck to that for the cake. I hope they love it! My parents went in on the gift with me, so here is a quick shout out to my mom for sewing the top two blankets! There are 5 blankets total, two trucks, two keys, two rattles and a case of links, and just over 150 diapers inside. Another shout out goes to my friends from OK that came down last week. They helped me do the most tedious part- rolling all the diapers. Thanks, ladies!

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!