Saturday, November 19, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness - 19

Day 19
1.  Crimson
2.  Cream
3.  Ritualistic incantations evoking unwavering and unequivocal responses of pride and honor (Boomer!)
4.  NOT the Baylor Bears
5.  Eli:  "Where is Jesus' car?" Mom:  "Jesus doesn't need a car; he's everywhere.  He flies."  Eli:  "Like Superman?"  Mom:  "Yes, like Superman."  Eli:  "And Word Girl?"  Mom:  "Yes, like Word Girl."
6.  Saturday morning doughnuts
7.  Good sales
8.  Getting letters from strangers (and friends!) blessing your children
9.  Cooperative children when shopping (especially near the toys)
10.  Country Pride hamburgers
11.  Honey
12.  Eli's excitement over his new shoes (apparently Woody + lights = excited boys; even stranger because Eli doesn't know who Woody is)
13.  Getting to stare in awe at Tif while she works, especially when she doesn't see me gawking
14.  Cute little red pajama pants
15.  Sippy cups that don't leak
16.  Chamomile
17.  Hot showers
18.  The numerous times Eli requested "Daddy's Song" today
19.  Moving Ileigh into her room
20.  Ileigh's random mohawk
21.  Anticipating tomorrow's worship service and Sunday school for no particular reason than to truly worship God
22.  When stew is better the second day
23.  When the wind calms down at the right time
24.  Surprisingly slow Saturdays