Friday, November 04, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness- 4

1. “This is Moses, mommy. He is holding two mailboxes.”

2. Anticipation

3. Pink note cards

4. Laughing at the Dollar Tree

5. Scratching Ileigh’s back

6. “Here is a spot for you, mommy.”

7. “That cloud is a puppy dog!”

8. Smell of fresh laundry

9. Little boy bed head

10. “Gansta Baby”

11. Self portraits in a crowded restaurant with people looking at you like you are a young, crazy in love couple.

12. Recalling “best-of moments”

13. The way Ileigh laughs at Eli…every time

14. Baby shower invitations in the mail

15. Unexpected thank you cards

16. Finishing up a project

17. pretty toe nails

18. My polar bear PJ pants Cami got me in the 9th grade that I still love

19. “STEAM”

20. YouTube “I ate your Halloween candy”

21. “Yep, I’m are.”

22. Churches that watch my kiddos so that I can go on a date night

23. “I want to go up high”

24. Ileigh clapping