Tuesday, November 08, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness- 8

1. Did you see that sunset?!?

2. Little yellow mailing envelopes, filled with CD’s!

3. Time to work on getting caught up.

4. Christmas decorations in the mall.

5. Fresh, cool air.

6. Christmas music in stores.

7. Shopping ALONE.

8. Choosing not to take a basket because I don’t have to haul a car seat around Target.

9. Ileigh liking her sweet potatoes.

10. Eli’s obsession with Band-Aids

11. How Eli has a “boo-boo” in the exact same spot has his gramp’s “boo-boo”.

12. Meals out.

13. RAIN!

14. The rain starting literally 2 minutes after ending a lunch photo shoot.

15. Wobbly baby legs.

16. Taking goodies to my dad’s nurses.

17. Knowing just how thankful he is that I do it.

18. The way Eli tries to sneak up on me working when he wakes up from his nap.

19. How he lets me cuddle with him until he wakes up a little more.

20. “Little drummer boy”

21. Ileigh singing into the microphone.

22. Heated seats.

23. Getting emails that Chris forwards me about how much his secretaries love our kids.

24. Seriously, did you see that sunset?