Saturday, November 05, 2011

24 Days of Thankfulness- 5

Chris decided that he was missing out on all the fun, so he wanted to make a list today.

Day 5

1. Family gatherings

2. Brothers

3. Butterfinger pie

4. Wife who made said butterfinger pie

5. Nieces who love to play with their cousins

6. Warm fires

7. “Oh the bun, it is to write, open slore, hey!” (aka Eli’s version of Jingle Bells)

8. Onion rings

9. Dimples

10. Bleu cheese

11. Churches that put heavy emphasis on marriages/families

12. Eli singing Happy Birthday to Papa

13. Dishwashers

14. Mom’s (Gloria) pound cake

15. “I like your new Nissan”

16. OU beating A&M

17. Sisters-in-law

18. Heated seats

19. “Mamamamamamamamamama”

20. Happy puppies

21. True forgiveness

22. Realizing that perfection is God’s business, not ours

23. “Watch out for dump trucks! I’m goin’ to!”

24. Tif’s smile


Kasey Jensen said...

I LOVE Eli's version of Jingle Bells!