Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Eli's First T-ball Game

I can't believe we are here! 
Eli's first t-ball game- so fun!

He was very excited for the game; maybe as much as his mommy and daddy. We ran all over Amarillo for those adorable red socks and belt the day of the game.
It was worth it- he looked awesome.

One little girl was a little upset because of all the gushing we were doing over bubba, so we stopped to take her picture too.
I have no idea how she just keeps getting cuter and cuter.

I never thought I would be as nervous as I was for Eli. We don't consider ourselves 'sports' people and don't really give any weight to sports activities. I just wanted sooo badly for him to have a great time and do well. I would hold my breath every time he took a swing.
He did fantastic. Maybe he got a little bit of his momma's t-ball awesomeness.

Daddy even go to get out on the field with him!

So thankful for a group of parents that took every kid in a their own and offered encouragement to everyone.

And, of course, like some kind of inate action, every little boy slides for home...every time.