Saturday, June 15, 2013

Father's Day 2013

Sometimes, we don't know how blessed we are.
Sometimes, I wonder how long it will take my kids to truly appreciated their dad; I hate admitting how old I was when the blinders came off of my sheltered little life and I realized -truly realized- how blessed my life had been and how hard my dad had worked for me; how he fought for me.

If you know me, you know my husband is incredible- because I will be the first to tell you- and I can talk about him all day.
He is simply amazing and one of the best things that has ever happened to me.

Get me talking about what kind of father he is...and I just become speechless. And I am probably holding back a mountain of tears.
There is no other man I would want as the father of my children. Not one.

I could tell you for hours all of the things that he does that makes him an incredible dad.
Like the belly laughs he can get at tickle time.
How he makes up the best songs to any mundane activity.
How he hides behind walls and pretends to be a "scary monster" that sends the kiddos screaming with giggles.
How he loves to throw the kiddos "Up high, Daddy! Up high!"

How he works hard.
Sacrifices much.
Asks very little in return.

When I strip everything away and see the man behind all of the tickles, the laughs, the silly songs,
it's inspiring.
It makes me want to be better.
A better wife, a better mother.
It leaves me speechless.

I am so thankful that our son(s) will have him as a role model of a man. 
A man who tries his very hardest to put his God and his family before everything else in this crazy, crazy world. A man who climbs the highest mountains, swims the deepest oceans, crosses the longest deserts of life just to have a better marriage.

And the example he is leaving for our daughter(s)- don't get me started. In a world of such brokenness, my heart aches for the little girls without a good daddy. A daddy to show her how treasured she is and how she should be treated.

Daddy, we love you- so, so much. And we are so thankful.
May we always know how blessed we truly are just because we have you to call, "Daddy".