Sunday, June 09, 2013

Trip of a lifetime- Day 4 (Part 1)

Day four was such a big day, I had to write it in two parts...
mostly because I didn't think anyone would read through it in it's entirety.

Our plans for Thursday were quite ambitious.
With the time change, our kiddos were up at least by 6 (with their daddy to feed them breakfast) and we would head out around 8 or so for the day.

We left the house around 7:30 to drive to the Black Sand Beach (Punalu'u Beach).

The following are all photos from the drive to the other side of the island.

Playing "peek-a-boo"!

Sometimes her beauty stops me dead in my tracks and there is a tug in my heart so real it actually hurts.
I can't believe she is ours...

(She's pretending to be asleep)

I just included this photo to prove even my awesome and talented hubby takes bad shots!

Coffee and macadamia nut farms are everywhere...

and small little winding roads are all over the island. This was one of the best stretches...

Chris is always down for trying anything local- this was a coconut pie. I did try a bite, but I like my breads and crusts to be almost crunchy- I don't like dough-y breads or pastries.

Here is some randomness from the back of the car while Chris and I are enjoying the view from the front...

(are you sure you want to volunteer to go as our sitter next time?! Megan earned that trip, baby. Earned it.)

And here. Again, we will never pass on an opportunity to get our feet wet in the ocean...and show off my cute little toes. I really like the way my toes look.

Can you tell he is excited?
He has some goggles, a snorkel, and he is the combination of two super heroes- Unstoppable!

"I don't know, mom..."

Like I said, my kids could be entertained for long as there are rocks and water.

Look at that smile...those dimples. Heart be still...

Some of the coolest sand ever!

Ileigh thought so too!

Since we left the house early, we were pretty much the only ones there and a sea turtle, resting on the shore greeted us.

Chris tried to get a good shot of another sea turtle making its way to shore...if you look really closely you can see it...

This little guy is like a fish- he loves being in the water. A fish that can't swim albeit.

One blessed momma...

Had to get photos of those sweet little baby toes...
(And, don't judge me. Yes, I have a tattoo and I still love Jesus.)

I thought the palm trees were the perfect spot to make Chris take a picture with me! :)

This was a little pond behind just in front of the shoreline...

This is where Ileigh always wanted to be...

"It's a bird, it's a plane"! Nope, it's super Eli!
This kiddo is amazing. This picture is the perfect embodiment of him.

Next we went to Pu'uhonua O Honaunau National Historical Park- or The Place of Refuge.
Sacred laws, or kapu, were of utmost importance to Hawaiian culture and the breaking of kapu could mean death. A kapubreaker's only chance for survival was to evade his pursuers and make it to a puuhonua, or sacred place of refuge. Once there, a ceremony of absolution would take place and the law-breaker would be able to return to society.

We have a couple of little lawbreakers, ourselves...:)

Mom, Dad, the kiddos and Stef...

Gramps wanted a picture with the kiddos!

I guess we did a crummy job of photos beyond this point...
It was really neat because the shore line there was little, and it was rumored that back in the day, it was all shark infested water. The only way for the lawbreakers to get to the "safe haven" was to swim through the shark's den. Upon their arrival on the beach, the priest would grant immediate amnesty because it was thought a sign from God that they made it safely through the sharks.

From that point, we walked about a half mile-ish to the public beach access to the water.
While out playing on the lava rocks with a water-loving little boy, Chris' phone met it's demise.
After a few days and many attempts of revival, we call it and ordered Chris a new phone.
Hey- it could've been a big "fancy-schmancy" camera and lense in the ocean...I'm going to be happy it was just a cell phone.

From there we raced home to change into our "cold weather" clothes and our star-gazing adventure.
Stay tuned...:) You know you want to.