Thursday, January 13, 2011

Progress...but not really.

Here is our little 2 year old with the keyboard we got him for his birthday...he loves it- especially the microphone. :) He has been singing "Happy Birthday" and his ABC's in it all morning.

We celebrated Eli's birthday yesterday by just having a really busy day. We went to church that morning where he played with his "friends, church!!!" and I went to Bible study. Then we ran home to meet Mema- I had a doctors appointment, so she came down to watch Eli for a bit before Chris got home for lunch.
We had one of Eli's favorites for dinner, fried rice and then celebrated with a chocolate chip cookie! He also enjoyed talking to so many people on the phone who called and wished him happy birthday- thank you all so much for the calls and kind words. Eli is so, so blessed to have so many people that care for him!
Eli had a pretty awful night, which is really unlike him. I am blaming the cookie...and maybe a longer-than-normal afternoon nap....or all the noise that was coming from the living room...
During the few hours he did sleep, Chris hung our living room curtains! Hooray!
This is monumental, people.
Chris has been trying to talk me into curtains for our living/dining room for over a year. I caved after taking a tour of an interior designer's house here in Amarillo. I have to say, he was right- it does change the room and I like it. :) Here is Eli with his piano and a shot of the new curtains. I ordered enough material for a swag too, but I kindda like it like this...who knows...maybe I will get the swag done next year.

The doctor's appointment went okay yesterday, I guess. No progress at all. Geeze people! We are trying everything- ugh! We did have to do a short sonogram...she is transverse at the moment (*I am pretty sure she turned last night and is now breech- I hope that I am wrong). The doctor wasn't concerned because he is positive that he can shift her with a little pressure, but we have to be in the hospital for that just in case she doesn't respond well. He also said that there would be no progress until she does turn. I go back on Tuesday for another sonogram and then I guess we will see where to go from there.
Really at this point, I am seeing a natural birth diminish with every day that passes. I think I am handling it okay...Chris is helping me to really focus on just how blessed we are to have a healthy baby at the moment- and that in the grand scheme of things it doesn't matter how she gets here.
I know he is right.
Anyway, my doctor informed me that he was really confident that she wouldn't be coming anytime soon, so he might go skiing this weekend. I told him not to tear or break anything. My luck, my water will break during the wedding that we are shooting Saturday.

Anyway, a few extra prayers would be a great help! I know that my God could easily intervene and I could have a wonderful natural birth. I also know that He could choose not to...and that will be okay too. I know that it would be for my best and the baby's best interest.