Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Thank you...

Thank you for all of the calls, texts, e-mails and messages about the previous post. It was written in somewhat of a blur and a desperate need to get some emotions out. I am glad I have a safe place to share my heart.

We went to the doctor yesterday and no progress had been made- we are still nowhere close to delivery. Our “Sweet P” will be here tomorrow (CRAZY- I can’t believe I will be seeing her in less than 24 hrs.) around 2:00pm.

Yesterday afternoon was rough, but necessary and I was able to deal with a bunch of emotions. I am thankful that I know what is coming and can deal with the reality before-hand and not during the moment. Last night didn’t involve much sleep but plenty of tears, so pray that Chris and I will both get the rest we need for tomorrow.

Please continue to pray for us. Having my psychology background, I have analyzed all of my emotions and every single one of them is rooted in fear (Isn’t that funny how our thought process can change when we figure out the real reason we are upset?). I could go down the list, but I won’t. Pray for peace. Pray that the doctor will find we can safely have more children. Pray for a healthy, beautiful baby girl, and a healthy mommy whose joy isn’t taken away because of the circumstances. Pray for Chris; he has been wonderful.