Sunday, January 02, 2011

You can laugh if you wanna...

but I have a really long list of things to get done before the arrival of little Miss Sweet P.
Here they are, in no particular order...

1. Make big bro/lil sis shirts.
This one is pretty important to is one of those small details that I could easily let slip for a few weeks, but it is the small things that I think make the difference in the end.
Thankfully, I got a chance to design both of them last week- now I just have to print them off and iron them on little shirts.
Here is the one I made for Eli- for obvious reasons, I am not posting Sweet P's.

2. Sew curtains for the living/dining rooms.
Chris has been on me to do this for months...and months...and months.
I ordered the fabric last week and it should be here soon.

This will go in our dining room...

and this simple taffeta in the living room. 

3. Make owl onsie.
Here are the two designs that I am loving...

Aren't they cute!?!

4. Hang my new ceiling fans! They were part of my Christmas from my dad.
Actually, Chris has stayed up late doing this for me, so I have already marked it off the list. I LOVE the difference. We had some really out-dated bright brass fans in our living room and master bedroom...

5. Design birth announcements and address envelopes.
I hope I can get this one done in time! It was so nice to just upload a picture of Eli, print them out and seal evelopes and not mess with everything else once he was here!

6. Order prints to hang over our mantel.
Honestly, this may not happen. But, hey, a girl can dream, right? I am really getting tired of not having anything hanging on our walls. It has been two years...why not wait until a couple of weeks before a baby is due to take care of it, right? :)

7. Eli's birthday party-
Wow, that is a whole blog post in and of itself. We have decided to keep everything pretty simple this year, but still I want it to be special. We have a date and the invitations designed, and hopefully I can get those out next week.

8. Chris' list:
I don't know if he knows about it, but Chris has his own little list of items that I would love for him to help with before the baby.
Take the Christmas tree down
Get the carseat out of the shed
Put up the Co-sleeper
Fix the carpet underneath the desk

9. Make a trillion frozen dinners.
We are taking next weekend to do that. I am hoping to post all of the recipes to help give everyone else out there some easy ideas for frozen meals too!

Well, that is about it, I think. Oh, I guess that number 10 should be filling out the hospital paperwork that I put off doing last fact, I am going to go take care of that now. :)