Thursday, January 20, 2011

Sweet P Update...

Well, we are here. I am currently 39 weeks and 4 days pregnant. Despite all the extra "effort", (if you have ever tried to induce labor naturally, you know what I am talking about) Sweet P is happy where she is.

Here is my 9 month picture with Eli...

Here is our 9 month picture with Sweet P... 

I think that I am about the same size as last time, which is great because I figured that I would gain more weight with a girl than a boy. Honestly, I can't even tell you how much I have gained... I haven't cared to ask at the doctor's office, and when I do I forget what they say.

Well, this last week has been a huge roller coaster of emotions. I hope it is hormones- I am sure Chris does too. I have gone back and forth from terror and unbelief that we are days away from having a little girl and pure joy and excitement to share her name with everyone.

Today I am at the total unbelief stage again. My "before baby" to-do list is pretty much complete. I had to go ahead and scratch off the task of dining room curtains because the fabric finally came in the mail and I really didn't like it, so it is going to be sent back. With my list complete, I am kindda just wandering around looking for little odds and ends to finish up. I feel a little lost. Maybe it is because we have been so busy for so long and now I don't know what to do next; I don't know.

Two weeks ago I had a little mini break-down because we didn't have anything for the baby to wear. Like, I am serious, we couldn't have made it through a week for the first 3 months. Thanks to some awesome friends with little girls, a Sunday School shower and a surprise family get-together, Sweet P's closet is stocked well into the 12 month range. Thank you, ladies...seriously.

Part of the crazy emotions has been the recent doctor appointments. Last week I went in and the doctor couldn't tell if she was head-down or not...again. She was transverse, which explained why I was so uncomfortable. That night she turned and I was positive that she was breech again.

We went to the doctor Tuesday. Of course I asked Chris to come with me because I honestly thought she was breech and we were going to start talking about trying to turn her or schedule a C-section. We did another sonogram and she is in fact, head-down. However, I am in no way dilated or anywhere close to delivering this baby. He took a lot of time trying to figure out just how much she weighed so we would now if our chances of a VBAC would be successful or not. She is was 7 lbs 5oz. and expected to gain an oz. a day. We also talked at length about how another C-section would limit the size of our family. The doctor did agree, but said that it is possible to have 4-5 kiddos via C-section; it really is on an individual bases. If we do have a C-section, he will check to see if it will be possible for us to have another child while in surgery. Anything over two kiddos can get complicated he said.

So, basically, the doctor said that I have a week to go into labor naturally- after that, she will be the same size as Eli and since Eli was too big, we are assuming that another attempt with a baby the same size will have the same result. Actually, he tried to tell me that any other doctor would talk us into going ahead and scheduling a C-section for today- I said no way because it isn't even my actual due date and I want to make sure that we do everything we can to go into labor naturally- then I will never be wondering "what if". He also told me that he will be taking a 4 day weekend if I do go into labor; great, as if I needed that little extra anxiety added to everything else. 

More than likely it won't happen just because I am in no way dilated. We will meet again on Tuesday for another check and then to schedule a C-section (because of my previous C-section, induction and current state of being totally nowhere close to labor, inducing isn't really an option).
And so, here we are...39 weeks and 4 days pregnant.

Sorry, I am feeling guilty because the whole over-tone of this post isn't very happy...I am telling you, I hope it is the hormones. :)
We are very thankful that the sonogram showed a very health baby girl. In the end, all we want is a healthy baby and a healthy mommy. Everything else really doesn't matter.