Sunday, January 23, 2011

Quick Weekend Project...

Chris had a morning meeting this Saturday. :(
So, Eli and I decided to stay home and do a little weekend project. I mean, what else can you do when you are just sitting around waiting for a baby to show up?
We have had this mirror hanging over our desk in the living room. Someday we are planning to put shelving up in its place, so we knew that it was going to be moved at some point.

Chris' mom found this frame in a garage sale, never used it and gave it to us about 5 years ago. We took it to a glass shop, had a mirror put in it and I painted the frame silver. It was a gross brown color.
I found a great idea on a blog that I follow- to put a monogram on the glass.
I bought a monogram about 2 years ago and I just never got around to having a frame made for it, so this seemed like the perfect solution to use the monogram, have a little something new in the house and all for free! Hooray!

I was nervous about putting on the vinyl since it had been sitting out for almost 2 years, but it worked great and was super easy. Here is a shot of my little helper... 

Paper off... 

Apparently I was pretty boring at this point because Eli left to go stack all of his trucks together... 

Next I painted over the silver for an antique white look. I think I will add a coat of something with a little glaze to it because I don't love it being a matte finish.

And finished! YAY for free!


Amanda said...

I love it! I saw something like this recently and am thinking about giving it a try. We still don't have anything hanging over our bed and this would be perfect!

I love your new blog design. Here's another business blogs for your awesome friends! I'm sure they'd be willing to pay! ;)