Tuesday, January 11, 2011


We are doing a pretty good job checking off things from our "before baby comes" list.
Chris has been an awesome help and has his list finished except for one little thing.
We also stayed home last weekend and cooked about 4 weeks of frozen dinners- hooray!
We still have some that need to be assembled in the fridge still, but I am hoping to finish that today.

I also sewed curtains for the living room and the rods are suppose to be here today! Somehow my fabric order was messed up and the fabric for the dining room is being shipped today...I was a little sad, but really more relieved because I could focus on other things.

Eli's 2nd birthday party is this weekend- really small and simple, but I wanted to make him a little shirt. I have been in love with one I saw on Etsy last year, so I used it as inspiration for his shirt...

I am happy with the way it turned out. I might add his name or something to the first car, but I am happy with it now and will just have to see what kind of time is left this week.

Last night I also finished "Sweet P's" owl shirt. I would love to make the other one too, but again we will just see what the week holds.

I am super excited for the rest of the week- tonight my wonderful Sunday School friends are throwing a little shower/dinner for me. That will be fun!
Tomorrow is Eli's birthday! YAY! We aren't really doing anything special tomorrow, but Friday Chris is taking off the ENTIRE day of work to spend with us! We plan to take Eli to the Discovery Center, eat pizza, play games and then take naps! Sounds like perfection to me.
This Saturday Chris and I are shooting a wedding (crazy, I know) and Sunday is Eli's little family party.  


Rogers Family said...

I really envy your sewing skills! Hope all is going well. I hope we can get our girls together one day. :)